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2008-08-16: Released 0.6.0 version! (More...)


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Last updated on Mon Mar 9 22:50:34 2009.

2008-08-16: Released 0.6.0 version!

See the notes and changes here.

2008-06-04: Released 0.5.2 version!

This release was essentially a maintenance release. The changes were: (1) The license was upgraded to GNU GPLv3; (2) The Brute Force search was improved and now accepts any number of input files; (3) There was fixed an incompatibility (compilation error) with GCC-4.3 (thanks to Nacho B. Arias and Martin Michlmayr).

2007-03-28: Released 0.5.1 version!

This release fixes a bug (uninitialized variable) and changes the default behavior of GAFFitter, which now extracts the volumes as much as possible (unlimited iterations).

Note: For those who have used GAFFitter in scripts be aware that this change in the default behavior can produce unexpected results if you don't update your script. To reproduce the older behavior you have to do something like gaffitter -i 1 ...

2006-09-03: Official Debian packages

Official packages of GAFFitter are now available from the main section of Debian unstable. Thanks to the noteworthy work of Nacho Barrientos Arias.

If you are running Debian Sid, simply type (as root): apt-get install gaffitter

2006-08-28: Released 0.5.0 version!

This release features an entirely new command line parser and implements the Split "search" method. Two new formatting options have been introduced. There are also code cleanups, a fix for a compilation error on Solaris, and other minor changes.

2006-08-02: Released 0.4.2 version!

This release fixes compilation errors on some architectures. A case-insensitive sorting option was added, and other minor changes were also made.

2006-07-31: Debian packages

Binary i386 Debian packages are now available for download from SourceForge page. After downloaded, in order to install do:

# dpkg -i gaffitter_x.y.z_i386.deb


2006-07-28: Released 0.4.1 version!

This new version adds the ability to sort the output (by name or size, ascending/descending) and fixes some minor bugs. There were also minor improvements, code cleanup and cosmetic changes.


Bug fixes:

Other changes:

2006-01-01: Released 0.4.0 version!

This version implements a direct input mode, allowing the user to enter 'size identifier' pairs directly instead of file/dir names. Two new genetic operators were introduced, resulting in an expressive genetic algorithm improvement. There were also some minor changes and bug fixes.


Minor changes:

Bug fixes:

The gaffitter 0.4.0 source code can be downloaded here.

2005-12-22: Released 0.3.0 version!

The du (diskusage) tool was replaced by a native code, but a POSIX-compatible environment is still required to get the size of a file or directory.


The gaffitter 0.3.0 source code can be downloaded here.

Installation prerequisites:

2005-12-16: Released 0.2.0 version!

This version does not require GALib. The gaffitter 0.2.0 source code can be downloaded here.


Installation prerequisites:

2005-11-11: The GALib is no longer required! :)

The GALib has been replaced by an entirely new GA optimizer (internal). CVS version only. Advantages:

2005-09-29: Released gaffitter version 0.1.0

This version requires GALib. gaffitter 0.1.0 (and GALib) can be downloaded here.